Google Bot Monitoring & Index Manager.

Getting Started

Indexable Column

Indexable column returns Three statuses followed with the HTTP response code of the URL.

True 200

This means that the url is indexable and is loading okay.

False 200

This means that the url is not indexable but it is loading okay.

False 410

This means that you may have added this URL to the 410 List using SEO Monster or other plugin that can change the HTTP response code.

Redirected 310

This status means the page is being redirected to some place else.

Crawl Frequency Column

This will keep track on how frequent google bot visits the listed URL.

Last Modified Column

This corresponds to the actual modification date of your post/page. This will also be used when you generate an xml file that can be sent to Google Search Console. If the modification date is empty, like in categories/tags, the date that will be used when you generate an XML file is the current timestamp.

Last Google Crawl Column

This will keep track of the dates when googlebot visits the page. This will be highlighted on green if it detects googlebot after your last modification.

Is in Google Column

This will only work if you have Scaleserp API Key. Scaleserp has a free forever plan that includes 125 searches per month.

Bulk Actions

Enable 410

This will make any url you selected to return 410 Http Response whether the page exists or 404. You can also add a list of urls manually in the 410 Tool page.

Copy Selected

This will just copy all urls you selected in your clipboard separated with comma.

Generate XML

This will create an XML Sitemap file that contains all URLs selected. This will be usefull when you intend to submit custom XML to GSC.

Indexing Options

Omega Indexer / SpeedLinks Omega indexer & Speed Links are third party services that allow you to submit links you want to be indexed by google. Both require API Key to be able to use their service inside SEO Monster Dashboard.

Check if In Google

This will bulk check the selected URLs to see if they are in google or not.

Number of Pages

If you have Posts/Pages that exceed more than 50, you will get an option to Crawl Everything and save the result or continue to quick view. If it is taking so long to crawl all your pages you can quit the crawling and continue some other time.